E-Liquid- A Beginner’s Guide in Choosing Vape Juice


There are now many smokers who shifted to vaping because of the many health benefits it can offer. It is good if you have already used e-cigarette, but what if you found your e-liquid bottle all consumed. E-liquid is very important for you to continue enjoying your smoking experience. There is actually nothing to worry about because there are several e-liquids to choose from. However, you might find the job of choosing one quite overwhelming.

– Know Your Preferred Flavor

When choosing your e-liquid this time at buyvapor.com/, you have to be aware that there are different flavors you can find in the market today. You can pick one that has fruity, cocktails, food or tobacco blends. It is very essential that you pick the flavor that you like the most to enjoy your smoking experience.

The new users often prefer tobacco blends because it is also similar to the taste of cigarette brands. This is something that manufacturers understand, that’s why they make a taste similar to the popular brands.

As time passes by, they will become adventurous and will try other blends. Food flavors can be cake, pizza or wafer, while fruit blends can be watermelon, grape and mango. There are even mixed blends or food, fruit and tobacco flavors. To get more ideas on how to choose the best vape juice, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_cigarette.

Cocktail flavors are also available. Some of these flavors would include beer, wine and brandy.

It is very important for you to choose a flavor that you know you’ll like. After, feel free to try other flavors to make your smoking experience more great.

– Nicotine

After determining which flavor you prefer for your e-liquid at buyvapor.com, you should now proceed to the strength of nicotine. The levels will start from low, to medium and to high. Light smokers should go for low level, average for medium and heavy smokers for high level of nicotine.

Don’t get too little or too much nicotine because it will do you no good. It is ideal to begin with the medium strength before adjusting according to your own preference.

– E-Liquid Type

You have now to decide if you want a PG e-liquid or a VG e-liquid. There are also a combination of both. Whatever you are going to pick, understand that they have their own strengths and weaknesses. PG, for example, can produce weak vapor but has a rich flavor. If you want a massive clouds of vapor, you can go for VG, but take note that its task is slightly sweet.

Always bear these things in mind when choosing your e-liquid. To save money, you have to try it first before buying. Take note that there are different brands available in the market today, and you have to discover these brands. And if you wanted to save some of your time, be sure to make your research first.

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